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Welcome to our 22nd evening with talks about C++!

I am more than happy that with ÅF as event sponsor we will visit a, for us, new location. Thanks a lot ÅF (http://www.afconsult.com) for hosting this event !

We will have a great mix of talks that makes me really excited!
Here the program details:

Doors open: 17:45

First part: 18:00 - 19:15

*) Intro and sponsor note

*) Johan Thelin: Ancient C++
In the light of recent progress of C++, lets take a look back to the dark ages. How did we end up here, and how was it to develop before harddrives was a commodity and memory was counted in kilobytes. Johan takes you on a journey that starts in the late fifties and ends in the mid nineties. Remember your Amigas, Ataris and PDPs? This is where we are going!


*) Break: food && mingle time 19:15 - 20:00


Second part: 20:00 - 21:00

*) Stefan Petersen: Embo++ trip report

*) Arda Aytekin: Functional Programming with C++, a book review

*) Jonas Minnberg: Autotidy simplifies running clang-tidy on your code


The speakers:

Johan Thelin works as a system architect at Kuro Studio. With a strong focus on embedded systems, and the world around them, he works in automotive as well as health, white goods, consumer electronics and advisory services. With a strong focus on open source and time to market he strives to bring quality to market in time. In this talk we get an insight in his hobby - computer history.

Stefan Petersen is an electrical engineer (MSc EE) and embedded programmer who has been programming microcontrollers since 1995. Also a one-person business who's quest for a "safer C" led him to C++ a few years ago. Prefers Linux on his laptop.

Arda Aytekin, post-doctoral researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology . His expertise is in the analysis and implementation of asynchronous algorithms for solving distributed, large-scale optimization problems.

Jonas Minnberg was dragged to a computer course by a friend in 1985 and has hardly let go of the keyboard since.
He is currently a consultant working with modern C++, but has worked a lot in the games industry, in places such as Dice, King and Unity.


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