3 years StockholmCpp, Ancient Math/Modern C++, and even more

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This is StockholmCpp #23, 3 years StockholmCpp, Summerfest, and more! All of this, thanks to our event sponsor berotec (https://berotec.se/), right next to the water at the beautiful Pampas Marina! It will be great!

I am more than happy being able to announce this interesting and exciting program:

17:30: doors open
18:00: Intro
18:10 Björn Fahller: Variant visitation variations
18:35 Daniel Marjamäki: Contributing to open source static analysis
19:00: Food, drinks and socialising
19:45 Petter Holmberg: Ancient Math / Modern C++
20:30 Fadeout ...

As usually, times are relative

The program in detail:

Björn Fahller: Variant visitation variations

std::variant<> and std::visit() are arguably among the most important new features of C++17,
allowing for the type safe flexibility provided by virtual functions, without the coupling from
inheritance. But some say visit() is slow. Let's find out, and try a few different techniques to
implement visit() and see what the standard says.

About Björn:
Björn wrote his first program in 1980, and programming has been the primary source of income since 1994, mostly from writing embedded software for communications systems.Occasionally Björn has been seen tinkering with unorthodox software constructs, pondering "what can be done with this?" He lives in Stockholm

Daniel Marjamäki: Contributing to open source static analysis

If you can spare ~40 hours and want to contribute to some open source static analysis tool, what should you do. There are different options; contribute to Cppcheck/Clang. Write a addon. Write your own simple (grepping) tool. How can you publish it so it will be seen.I believe there is room for more tools. And the open source tools that exist could use more help.

About Daniel:
Daniel started programming as teenager and have worked as a C++ developer since 2006.
He is the original author and current maintainer of Cppcheck, a famous opensource project he started in 2007.
Through this work, Daniel has more than a decade experience of maintaining an open source project and guiding a community.
His current day job is to develop a video streaming product.

Petter Holmberg: Ancient Math / Modern C++

What math should you know to become a better C++ programmer, and how can you use C++ to become better at math?
Let’s revisit some basic facts about numbers known since antiquity and taught to us in school a long time ago, but from a modern C++ programmer’s perspective!

About Petter:
Petter is a developer at Veoneer working on LiDAR sensors for the next generation of autonomous vehicles. On his free time he likes to explore the wonderful world of computer science and apply it in C++ code using generic programming.


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