0x19: Bookreview, unexpected behavior && C++ in the mobile world

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Net Insight AB

Smidesvägen 7 · Solna

How to find us

Entrance on the corner Smidesvägen/Svetsarvägen, then first floor

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Welcome to StockholmCpp#25!

I am more than happy being able to announce our next meetup with exciting and inserting topics, and a new event sponsor!
Thanks a lot to Net Insight (https://netinsight.net/) for hosting our event!

Doors open 17:30
18:00-18:10 Intro and sponsor note
18:10-18:25 Alexandre Gordeev: Spectacular sightseeing for a weekend
18:25-19:00 Arno Lepisk: Unexpected behavior in C++
19:00-20:00 Break, food, drinks and socialsing
20:00-21:00; Jonas Minnberg: Mobile C++ development

As usual, all times are relative

The program in details:

Alexandre Gordeev: Spectacular sightseeing for a weekend

A C++ book review - no spoilers! :-)

About Alex:
Alex is a developer creating online games that beside the joy of playing, give you chance to win real money.

Arno Lepisk: Unexpected behavior in C++

C++ is a complex language which supports many different styles of coding. When reading code written in a style unfamiliar to us surprises might appear -one can often ask oneself “how could this ever work”?In this slightly lightheaded talk we will look at code that either is odd, or behaves in a way that at first glance is counter intuitive. We look at code that never should pass a code review and look how a simple mistake or a malicious coder can lure other coders into hours of head-scratching.

About Arno:
Arno first came into contact with C++ in the mid-90s, and has been a professional C++ programmer for an eighth of a century. When not writing short snippets of code to learn about new (or old) C++ features he has worked with C++ code in fields as powertools, games, aerospace, data- and telecom.

Jonas Minnberg: Mobile C++ development

This talk will share some insights about setting up and maintaining a new C++ project in portable (Android/iOS/PC) C++

Topics include:
* How do you set up a C++ project from scratch using all the recent insights and modern ideas ?
* How do you make sure colleagues with other backgrounds will accept these ideas?
Specific topics:
Basic setup - Pitchfork proposal, naming, code format
Build systems (CMake, or something else)?
Testing frameworks (Catch2!)
Language bindings (JNI/Djinni)
Build from source - can we avoid precompiled dependencies ?

About Jonas:
Jonas was dragged to a computer course by a friend in 1985 and has hardly let go of the keyboard since.
He is currently a consultant working with modern C++, but has worked a lot in the games industry, in places such as Dice, King and Unity.

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