0x1D: RTOS in C++, tooling to improve, and a farewell

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Welcome to StockholmCpp 29 !

For a last time will meet and enjoy the cosy atmosphere at the Tritech office in Sundbyberg.
Thanks Tritech , www.tritech.se, for having us again!

We will have, again, an exciting program with 3 talks

* Harald Achitz: A lightning talk
* Stefan Petersen: Embedded RTOS in C++
* Mathieu Ropert: How to improve your codebase with tooling

Door open 17:30

The program in detail:
Harald Achitz: A lightning talk

Const should be a type, give me .

Stefan Petersen: Embedded RTOS in C++

Many of the RTOS on the market (also in the open source world) are today written in C. There are few exceptions, which are completely written in C++. For some there also exist C++ wrappers.
What advantages (and potential disadvantages) you get by using a RTOS written in C++.
We will look at mainly scmRTOS, which is a BSD licensed RTOS written in C++ by a couple of Russian guys (https://github.com/scmrtos).


Mathieu Robert: How to improve your codebase with tooling

Maintaining quality over time is often a challenge for most codebases. Technology evolves, deadlines have to be met and sometimes honest mistakes just happen. But what if there were solutions to keep programmers honest and also automate some of the maintenance tasks?
Tooling offers a range of options to automate both menial and complex codebase maintenance tasks. It can also be used to ensure quality standards are met in future developments.
Join me for a discussion about quality, technical debt, automation and of course a tour of the various tools available to C++ developers that help improve and maintain quality standards.


Wait, what? Last time Tritech office?
No panic! Tritech will also host some of our events in future. All info when we see, so RSVP and step by!

Väl möt!