0x1E: Testing, ABI and Rust

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Net Insight AB

Smidesvägen 7 · Solna

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Entrance at the corner Svetsarvägen/Smidesvägen

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Welcome to number 30!

Now in our thirties (of events;-), we seriously start to become grown up (as a meetup group).
But this will of course not prevent us continuing having a lot of fun !

So I am more than happy for being able to announce an amazing program.

Door open: 17:30, we start at 18:00.

* Arno Lepisk: Testing non-compiling code
* Arvid Norberg: Evolving the C++ ABI
* Break, socializing with snacks and drinks
* Mats Kindahl: A C++ programmer's view on Rust

Thanks to our event host NetInsight, https://netinsight.net/ , for again hosting our event.
We know the location already, it is gorgeous!

The program in detail
Arno Lepisk: Testing non-compiling code

Sometimes when writing library or utility code one creates constructs which simply shouldn’t compile. But how does one test such code?
How can we catch when a change in code suddenly makes code that should not compile actually compile?
In this talk I will discuss some cases where this need comes up, and how to write tests so we know that non-compiling code stays non-compiling.

Arno first came into contact with C++ in the mid-90s, and has been a professional C++ programmer for an eighth of a century. When not writing short snippets of code to learn about new (or old) C++ features he has worked with C++ code in fields as powertools, games, aerospace, data- and telecom.

Arvid Norberg: Evolving the C++ ABI

ABI stability is a hot topic in the C++ community right now. This talk aims to explain what the challenges are, where to search for solutions and what you can do today.

Arvid is a C++ veteran of 20 years, with an affinity for distributed systems and works for a block chain startup in California. On the side he maintains a C++ Bittorrent client.


Mats Kindahl: A C++ programmer's view on Rust

Rust is a relatively new language that has been voted as the most popular programming language in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey three years in a row and is steadily gaining popularity in programming circles, so what is going on?

Rust is presented as a systems programming language that offers both control and memory safety without sacrificing performance. In this presentation, you will get a brief introduction to Rust and learn why Rust claims to provide memory safety without a garbage collector and provides thread-safety at compile time.

You will also learn about the Rust ecosystem, what kind of tasks Rust is suitable for and where Rust might not be your preferred choice.


Väl mött!