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Feeding from the heart
• What we'll do Meet other kind hearts and feed some heavy hearts with food made from the heart in the heart of Stockholm • What to bring A heart most importantly (and some food either homemade or store bought) • Important to know Be on time please as food gets cold fast and I will not wait. Also calling ensures we will meet.

Sergels torget kulture huset entrance at Story restaurant.

T Central · Stockholm

What we're about

I have been away from Stockholm for 3 years traveling, being homeless :)

I will resume my weekly joy of feeding the homeless in Stockholm centrum area. But now I do it Saturdays at 12 noon meeting at same place. (Sergels torget) Looking forward to meeting kind hearts.

I bring a pot of homemade soup (simple carrot, potatoe, and barley) in a pressure cooker (seals top so no spills) in a two wheeled cart (Dramaten-vagn) and dispense in cups on location where they sit. What service!

Are they grateful? Don't expect it but we dont do it for them only but for a higher purpose. (Thats also a story)

Just in case you think doing this doesn't pay, I have a story for those who come to join me. Fact is it does pay but not from me. "What goes around comes around." You get repayed for your love in action in very tangible ways.

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