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After the success of our first Meetup we will be keeping the format the same.


6:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Arrive, have a bite to eat and a drink whilst you get to know your fellow Stoke on Techies!

7:00 pm - 7:05 pm
Welcome by Rosanne Meek
Brief intro to the evening

7.05 pm – 8.55 pm Talks:

First talk: Rob Sewell - Powershell Evangelist

The session uses pester to enable you to provide an easy to read output to quickly and repeatedly show that infrastructure is as you’d expect for a set of checks known as Operational Validation. There are many use cases for this type of solution; DR testing, installation, first line checks, presentation setups.

Pester is a Unit Testing framework for PowerShell, used for both testing your code and for validating your infrastructure. You will gain a understanding of how Pester works with the capability to examine checklists, create validation tests and provide relevant reports.

(With 20 min Break)

Second Talk: Alex Yates DevOps Enthusiast

DevOps has revolutionised our ability to deliver customer value. Updates aren’t held up in 6-month release cycles. We’ve automated tests and deployments collaboratively so we know updates work. A virtuous cycle of innovation and testing allows us to build better, more reliable products faster and cheaper. In this light-hearted session he’ll present the 16 most popular ways to screw up, resulting in painful, fragile deployments and expensive legacy databases that no one likes to maintain.

8.55pm - 9pm

Closing remarks
Rosanne Meek

We are extremely grateful to Wavemaker for the use of their facilities and continued support of the event. We are passionate about growing the technical community in the Stoke-on-Trent area and would love to see you at the event!