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Gordon Rugg & Sue Gerrard, Hyde & Rugg Associates

Clarifying client requirements: A taster course

Clients often give incomplete, vague and/or inconsistent requirements. This taster course shows how to collect and clarify requirements swiftly and efficiently using a set of three techniques.
Card sorts clarify the key features that a client wants. Upward laddering clarifies why those features are important to the client. Downward laddering unpacks what the client means by subjective or technical terms. This taster gives a hands-on experience with these techniques and shows how to use them in combination.

Kai Moseley

A software engineer in one form or another for around 8 years, I've worked across mainframes (RPGLE on the AS/400), modern servers (node, rails), and the front end. The last few years have been primarily the latter, with FE architecture in particular being a focus.

Micro Frontends - sane SPA scaling

As user demands grow and web applications becomes ever more complex, it's becoming increasingly difficult to manage monolithic front-end applications. From long deploy times, to robbing teams of autonomy, the issues pile up; there's only so far you can go with only one (preferably chunked!) bundle. Combating the front-end monolith. Let's look into the trade-offs of the architecture, and how we at Onfido are currently implementing them.