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Those of us who've been in a verbally abusive relationship describe the feeling of "walking on eggshells" so as to avoid potential triggers. But no matter how hard you try to prevent them, something, anything, will eventually light the fuse. Words hurt and cut deep. The emotional torment and covert abuse such as belittling jokes cuts even deeper They cause confusion, panic, and a shattered sense of your very identity.

Verbal abuse, and the underlying emotional and psychological abuse that often go hand in hand, is a painful, widespread social tragedy that knows no borders when it comes to culture, education, or income. It occurs among spouses and significant others, parents and children, teachers and students, bosses and staff. The trauma and confusion it causes cuts so deep that overcoming the effects requires a multi-step process of understanding the problem, coping with the feelings, and rebuilding your strength and identity.

Created by a survivor of verbal and emotional abuse, this Metrowest-based Meetup was formed to give individuals who are living or have lived with abuse validation of their experience and help find the strength to rebound and rebuild. Part education, part support group, events will include a mix of group discussions and speaker events on relevant issues.

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