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Originally started to give mountain bikers, over forty, somewhere to ride in a noncompetetive atmosphere. It has grown over the past few years to include riders of all ages and skill levels. The basic philosophy has not changed, group rides where everyone sticks together, no one gets left behind. We post rides of all difficulty levels from beginner to advanced. The ride descriptions help guide members to the ride that's best for them. As a club it is equally as important for our members to get there challenging rides in as well as rides that help beginners get started or advance and get better. Stone Age is set up as s forum, as long as you have been on a ride with us and share our philosophies, you can post your own rides. As the organizer, I reserve the right to cancel any ride posted if I feel it is not "Stone Age" See below what the criteria is .

Being Stone Age has become more or an attitude than a club to belong to. Basic philosophies include...

-Be nice

-Everyone rides what they ride. As long as the brakes brake and the gears shift and the tires have air, your good. Keep in mind Mountain Bikes are needed. Hybrid or road bikes usually end up being pushed or getting someone hurt.

-be a trail steward. Don't ride on muddy trails. Clear the trails of trash and fallen trees when possible. Help other riders you find, in need.

- Encourage instead of insult. We all had to start somewhere.

- Respect other trail users. Give them the right of way, always give a friendly greeting, you not only represent Stone Age, but you represent all mountain Bikers in this area.

Lastly, to be considerate to the other members you will be riding with, show up at the Meetup site ready to go. The Meetup spot is not the place to start maintaining, repairing, cleaning your bike. Their will always be members to help out if you don't know how to do something on your bike, but making a habit of this, is not great. Bring what you need for the ride. You NEED to bring a bike, helmet, water and anything you might need to make you self sufficient. Keep in mind, you are responsible for your own safety and equipment. Mountain Biking is an inherently dangerous activity. Thus the use of helmets and pads. Stone Age MTB and Meetup.com are not responsible for you or your equipment. All your decisions and actions are totally your own responsibility. Act and decide what to ride, or not ride, accordingly. We will always give you realistic assessments of the trails and your abilities, if you need help figuring it out. We will try not to let you get in over your head when possible.

Hope to see you on the trails. Barry

Upcoming events (2)

Basic Bike Repair Class and Group Ride

Edgewood Preserve

We’re going to do a class on basic home bike maintenance and repair. We’ll include topics like repairing flats, adjusting derailleurs and brakes, replacing spokes, changing cassettes and brake pads, etc. You can post topics that interest you in the comments below and we’ll try to include them. We’ll meet at the picnic tables near the parking lot before 9am. After the class we’ll do a group ride. We will be practicing basic public health safety measures, so please have a face covering and maintain proper distancing. For the ride, please make sure you have a helmet, eye protection, and fluids. More details to follow soon.

Northwest Woods/Cedar Point

Northwest Woods Trails

This is one of my favorite rides, with varying ecosystems, some history, and few other users on the trail. We’ll ride from the trailhead at Route 114 via a few trails (Northwest Trail, Foster’s Path, Paumanok Path), and a little bit of pavement to Cedar Point County Park, where we’ll take a trail along the bluff and down to the beach. If everyone has fatbikes, we can do some beach riding in a couple of spots, too. Figure about 12-16 miles. This is not a beginner ride, but it is a no-drop ride. The probable route is the following: Northwest Woods/Cedar Point Route https://www.trailforks.com/goto/route/6370/

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Cathedral Out of Bounds Ride

Cathedral Pines

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