Stone Hill in the Park (Lowry Park): NecronomiCon 2020 Guest of Honour Voting

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Every 2nd Sunday of the month

Lowry Park

7525 North Blvd. · Tampa, FL

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Pavilion 126

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At the March meeting of Stonehill nominations were made for the Necronomicon 2020 guest-of-honour. I've listed the nominees along with some information I found and links for you to research the nominees in preparation for voting at the April meeting. I've included Google flight round trip airline ticket price information for comparison only.

Vera lives in a small town in Vermont, and uses her Armenian sense of humor and her Russian sense of suffering to bake conflicted pirozhki and make art.
Google airline search RT 10/17/19-10/21/19 (BTV -> TPA) $[masked]
Crowdfunding controversy
Official website

Possibly living in Colorado
Google airline search RT 10/17/19-10/21/19 (DEN -> TPA) $[masked]

From Pip's website: "How can we get you to ____ event? Get in touch!
Pip usually travels with her husband and co-author Tee Morris, so if you want her at your convention then you’ll actually get two for the price of one!"
Lives in Manassas, Virginia
Google airline search RT 10/17/19-10/21/19 (D.C. -> TPA) $[masked]

fantasy and paranormal romance
Lives in Denver, Colorado
Google airline search RT 10/17/19-10/21/19 (DEN -> TPA) $[masked]

From his website: I am currently Director of translation services and a software engineer for a Montreal company. I'm also a certified translator and an astronaut (ok, I made that last one up). I have a son, Théodore, who's a real genius, and two cats, President Laura Roslin, not quite as smart, and the brave Jyn Erso. My personal interests include robotics as well as science-fiction in all shapes and sizes. I'm obsessed with Halloween and I'm currently building a working R2-D2 replica
Google airline search RT 10/17/19-10/21/19 (Montreal -> TPA) $[masked]

Can't find good info on current location, possibly lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Google airline search RT 10/17/19-10/21/19 (TUL -> TPA) $[masked]

From Michael's website: He lives in Chicago with his wife, two children, and his dog (who looks like Chewbacca on four legs).
Questions? Comments? Want a signed book? Want to book an event? Well, email Michael directly, or find him on social media.
Google airline search RT 10/17/19-10/21/19 ( Chicago -> TPA) $[masked]

From her website: is a author of fantasy and science fiction novels, short stories, and poetry. She lives on an island off the coast of Maine with a small but growing menagerie of beasts, some of which are human, a red accordion, an uncompleted master’s degree, a roomful of yarn, a spinning wheel with ulterior motives.
She has worked as a professional fortune teller, telemarketer, private tutor, librarian, waitress, bartender, actress, and statistician, all of which are more or less the same thing. If you add all of those jobs up and add self-employment tax, you get a fantasy novelist.
Google airline search RT 10/17/19-10/21/19 ( BHB -> TPA) $[masked]

Stone Hill is a non-profit organization responsible for hosting NecronomiCon & Southern Media Convention. We meet the 2nd Sunday of every month and the rotating location is provided by the generosity of members. Attendees usually begin showing up about 2pm and the meeting is called to order roughly around 4pm. Most meetings are not longer than 30 min to 1 hour, depending on the agenda.

We only have two rules to be a Stone Hill Member:

1) Show Up
2) Bring Food

Also, we have a long standing tradition that if you suggest something, YOU had better be willing to run it. Because the meetings are at member homes... if you get out of your chair; it's fair game for anyone.

See you There!