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NOTE: New volunteers need to sign a release form and turn it in before starting to volunteer. If you are under 18, a parent must come with you to the first event and sign on your behalf, you cannot bring it completed without a parent. You can ask for the form at the event or get it off our site here

We need help walking the dogs at the beginning of the event and letting them go potty after the long ride up from Lemoore. Please stop out even if only for an hour or two! It really is appreciated.

We are "trying" to get all to do applications also and this if you have been at one of the events can be challenging, but more volunteers would help. If you are comfortable screening potential adopters you would be very helpful.

The adoption events are the busiest at the very beginning, so don't worry if you can't stay the whole duration of the event, an hour or so of your time IS helpful!!

Try to wear a RED t-shirt so it is easy to identify who is there to help. We will try to get volunteer stickers also.

Please let the others know how experienced you are with dogs, if you can't walk a big dog...just say so, we can match you with the right size dog! It is extremely important that when handling the dogs they are safe and secure.... we don't want to be chasing dogs in the parking lot, it can be very dangerous if they get loose.

All the dogs that are available for adoption are on petfinder under, you can read about them there and we will try to have information sheets readily available for you so you can help the potential adopters.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! We look forward to working with you.

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