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More and more businesses are discovering the potential value of data they've been doing little more than storing for years. As new use (and reuse) cases emerge, traditional storage concepts are being challenged and businesses are looking to find new and better ways to share, store and process data. This conversation is also rapidly spreading outside the traditional IT environment. Data scientists, analytics experts and line of business owners have an increasing stake in the effective use of data as a strategic advantage.

This meetup will be about focusing on the needs of businesses as we progress into the new age of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Insight and next-generation tools and resources. Some of the topics we wish to cover include...

Cyber Resilience for Enterprise Data , Business Resiliency , Unstructured Data Trends and Directions , Running AI workloads in an HPC cluster , Building a Storage infrastructure to support an AI development environment , Best Practices for Managing File Data.

Storage conversations are extending far beyond the traditional Data Center. Come and hear about new technologies , and share your experiences and best practices.

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Getting the most out of Your Unstructured Data - How Systems can help

Businesses are rapidly discovering the previously untapped potential of their proprietary unstructured data. With the proliferation of devices that produce this data, the need to be ready to share, process and store this information is critical to business success. Join us as we discuss this topic, both in presentation form and in general discussion, and be ready to share your experiences with the group! Agenda, speakers, and further logistical information will be forthcoming but I wanted to get the date out there. Lunch will be provided (lunchbox type). Joining us as featured speaker will be Craig Thompson, lead Object Storage architect at IBM's Washington Systems Center. Prior to IBM, Craig specialized in solution design for NAS/SAN storage systems for over 10 years. Talking points to be covered will include... - What is unstructured data? - What's driving the growth? - Why should I care? - Why Traditional Storage falls short - High level view of how Object Storage is different - How to consume Object - Common use cases Be sure and invite your friends!!!! The more the merrier!!!