Indie RPG Game Night in Glendale (2 year anniversary!)

Story Games Glendale
Story Games Glendale
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Gamehaus Cafe

1800 S Brand Blvd No 107 · Glendale, CA

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY US! This is the 2 year anniversary of our story game meetup! We won't necessarily be doing anything too different, but I will be purchasing at least one nice chocolate cake slice... that's a promise.


Come join our Tuesday evening Indie RPG Night where we play story games and independent role-playing games (RPGs). Some games have a game master and players in a way similar to Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and traditional RPGs; examples include Apocalypse World, Dungeon World, and Blades in the Dark. Some games are “GM-less” and have no game master, instead using shared narrative authority; examples include Microscope, Fiasco, and The Quiet Year.

Everyone of any experience level is welcome, with no prior knowledge required. Almost all games are one-shots or episodic, so no regular attendance is necessary.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP so we can arrange for the right number and sized tables. If your plans change, please update your RSVP as early as possible so we have an accurate count. If there are no attendees close to the date, we may cancel the meetup (check that specific date on our calendar for details).

Location will be at Game Haus Cafe in Glendale. GameHaus charges $5 as a cover (payable directly to them upon entrance). They serve a variety of hot and cold foods and drinks (including beer and wine).

We'll pitch games promptly at 7:00pm, and games generally run until 10pm-11pm. A few of us will be there at 6:30pm, so show up early if you want to do introductions and social stuff. Game Haus Café closes at 11pm on Tuesdays.

We try to provide an inclusive space, and do not tolerate harassment or prejudice of any kind, including that based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or disabilities. (If you have any issues, please contact one of the meetup organizers at any time, either during the meetup or afterwards.) We use the X-card and other RPG safety mechanics, and will discuss these just prior to gaming. See for details.

If you plan on pitching or facilitating a game, try and bring the materials you need to play (rules, notecards, blank paper, tokens, and so on). We may have of these items, but may not have everything you need.