Aleksandra Hirszfeld presents 12 Days on Lesbos / A Snapchat Story

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For our November StoryCode NYC Forum we are excited to welcome Dr. Aleksandra Hirszfeld, an immersive media maker from Poland. Together with Karolina Sulich, she created "12 Days on Lesbos", a story initially told on Snapchat.

The Lesbos island with 86,000 residents became an epicenter of the refugee crisis in 2015. This year alone 847,000 migrants and refugees escaping war and looking for a better life arrived in Greece. Half of them arrived on the shores of Lesbos. Currently around 3,000 refugees are on island hoping to get asylum and to get to Europe. A year after the peak of the crisis two journalists made a portrait of people living on the island: refugees, social workers and islanders for better understanding of peculiar circumstances of the place.

Originally the story was streamed on Snapchat, chosen because of its immediate and intimate features. Selected and edited snaps where put together in order to make short film. This is the first Polish Snapchat "Film".

Dr. Aleksandra Hirszfeld is a philosopher working in the filed of artistic and curatorial praxis and in theory of New Media Art. Her work focuses on the mechanisms of micro-activity in the social and cultural tissue. Her work uses different media, narrations and techniques such as photography, live stage installation, sound art, objects or video ( She is also the author of the book “Behind the image. Repetition in audio-visual art.” (Universtias, 2015).