What we're about

StoryCode (http://storycode.org) is an open-source, global community for emerging and established cross-platform and immersive storytellers. By developing, incubating and exhibiting innovative, immersive story forms, StoryCode serves creators, technologists and distributors of cross-platform narrative content.

We invite enthusiasts and professionals alike "to storycode" — simply meaning, to tell a story in a new way, using the bounty of new tools at our disposal.

Born out of the Singapore Transmedia Meetup group the StoryCode Singapore chapter continues to advocate and educate about new forms and formats of narrative experiences set in the media business context of Singapore as well as the South-East Asian region.

StoryCode SG empowers Singaporean creatives and content creators to prototype their ideas and bring them to the next level as well as represent on the international stage via the global StoryCode network.

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Story Games Night

King and the Pawn

[LAB] Building Collective Storyworlds (AFCC)

National Library

The Big Story Games Night (Halloween Special)

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