What we're about

If you’re a story lover, storyteller, writer, creator, author – however you call yourself and no matter which medium you use to create – VR, AR, social media, movies, advertisement, theater, mobile, games, books, podcasts, … If you’re curious to get to know fellow story aficionados that might have different backgrounds than yourself, you should join us in our bi-monthly meetups!

After a short introduction from everyone, we'll have one or two lightning talks, Q&A, and networking. There might be startup pitches in the future, we'll see.

Everyone pays for their own drinks.

Who are we?

We are five friends and longtime collaborators living in Berlin, members of imaginary friends (https://imaginary-friends.de/), Das wilde Dutzend (https://das-wilde-dutzend.de/) and Future of Storytelling MOOC (https://www.youtube.com/user/officialStoryMOOC) but each following our own careers at the moment.

• Philipp Zimmermann (http://kaminkatze.de/) is a writer of games (e.G. Agent Alice), comics, novels, scripts, and transmedia projects

• Patrick Möller (https://patmo.de/), storyteller and marketing consultant, co-founder of imaginary friends, first ARG expert (https://argreporter.de/) in Germany

• Dorothea Martin (https://dorotheamartin.de/about/), co-founder of Das wilde Dutzend and imaginary friends, develops formats across different media.

• Julian van Dieken, film producer & director, co-creator of Future of Storytelling MOOC

• Chris Schollerer (http://www.crossmedienne.com/), writer. Co-creator of Future of Storytelling MOOC

This group is the successor of Transmedia Storytelling Berlin (https://tmsb.de/) (FB), founded in 2011.

Past events (7)

StoryFusion // mit Hanka Leo – „Unknown – Erzählungen unbekannter Herkunft“

Microsoft Digital Eatery (www.digitaleatery.de)

StoryFusion: Des Doyle and the Creation of "Showrunners"

Microsoft Digital Eatery (www.digitaleatery.de)

Frankenstein A.I. and the Future of Storytelling

Microsoft Digital Eatery (www.digitaleatery.de)

StoryFusion #4 with Maria Grau-Stenzel (Honig Studios)

Microsoft Digital Eatery (www.digitaleatery.de)

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