What we're about

In times past, we built large fires to keep the night dangers away. We sat around the fire, listening to stories that persuaded us, entertained us, inspired us, warned us, taught us the old ways and new.

We connected with each other. We trusted each other. Together we became stronger, becoming so much bigger than our individual selves.

Today, we sit around our screens and in our meetings as stories unfold before our eyes and ears.

Which stories persuade, entertain, inspire, warn, or teach us?
How do we connect?
Who do we trust?
Are we becoming stronger?

Trusted storytellers with authentic stories can revolutionize the world.
This meetup is devoted to becoming amazing storytellers & speakers.

We will dig deep into authentic story-telling and it’s strengthening power in your life, business and beyond.

Whoever you are- be it business leader or business starter; experienced presenter or quiet-one-at-the-back; influencer or influenced; parent or wild singleton; or just a simple lover of a good tale- you are welcome.

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