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Important Note: This group was intended for storytelling like you'd see/hear in This American Life, The Moth, Risk!. The form is about experiences that have happened to you that you are preparing for performance in front of an audience, and most importantly, not works of fiction.

This is a space for storytellers to get stage time and get notes from other storytellers. We're different than stand-up comedians and I wanted a space just for us. Bring notes, try new ideas, flesh out concepts. This is a creative space so trust is paramount.

I started this group because I wanted a space to work out developing stories & try out delivery styles and I couldn't find an open mic that catered to this unique situation. I love class style notes from peers but wanted to cut the expense drastically.

I'm planning on booking a venue today or tomorrow based on availability, for a first meeting later this month.
It will be during the week in the evening and most likely at a theater in the East Valley area.

No dues this month for the first meeting because I want as many people to come and hopefully like it and continue to come. Still working out the details but so far based on how many show up it will be lottery style over 10 people as I want people to get as much time to perform/get notes as possible in the 2/3 hours. The time may expand based on how big the group gets.

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