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The best way to get to know someone is to listen to their stories. Everyone has a story even if they think they don’t, and up in the hills of Lisbon, once a month, a random, eclectic, curious group of people gather to listen to these first-person stories told in an intimate setting.

While it is sort of like The Moth—we do want first-person stories that are short in length—we give you a few extra minutes (stories should be 7-10 min) and there is no competition or scoring. You should expect a friendly and welcoming audience sipping red wine or herbal tea while they share in the vulnerable moments of life. We generally have anywhere from 8-10 storytellers. There is also an intermission which offers everyone a chance to socialize.

We welcome everyone. Listeners. Storytellers. And people who have never told a story on stage but have an itch to try. Please join us.

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"Love"—Storytelling Night at Santos Collective

Espaço a Larga - Santos Collective

Voices from around the world sharing in an open-mic storytelling format. Now at the amazing outdoor Santos Collective. Our theme for February is one of our favorites, “Love ❤️ ” Give us the whole range: your sappy, tumultuous, complex, sweet, funny, tragic, and magical love stories. Unrequited love. Soulmate love. Familial love. Eros. Agape. Philia. Maybe it is about that time your ex showed up when you really needed it and now you two are married. Or when you swiped right on Tinder and then fell in love at first sight—only s/he, unfortunately, did not. Or about your pet parrot that you have raised since he was in the egg and whose love you have felt more than from any being in your life. Please come just to listen or get on stage, be vulnerable, and share with us, a diverse group of welcoming and open people who are curious about each others' lives. Stories will last from 7 to 10 minutes. Expect anywhere from 8 to 10 stories plus an intermission. For help on crafting the story for the stage, check out https://themoth.org/share-your-story/storytelling-tips-tricks Interested in sharing a story? Send us your pitch, questions, or comments, or get in touch by Instagram / FB page: @storytellinglisboa This is a free event. No RSVP necessary but arrive a bit early to secure your spot. Due to COVID, there is limited capacity. Seats will be first come, first serve (although hopefully because this is a large outdoor space we can accomodate everyone!)

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POSTPONED - "New Beginnings"—Storytelling Night at Santos Collective

Espaço a Larga - Santos Collective

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