What we're about

Storytelling is the most effective way to get a message across to the masses. Our earth is on the verge of extinction or, possibly before that, mass destruction with the push of a button. America's "democracy" is failing, and the other world power, China, limits the freedoms of its people. What is required for America to lead again in the world? To prevent the annihilation of our species, our earth? To truly represent the people and forge peace around the globe? Political reform. Diverse female leadership. Constitutional amendments. The understanding and awareness that hurting people hurt others. We need leaders who represent the diversity that makes up America, and the world.

To bring together the world's greatest leaders - grounded in compassion, collaboration, and ethics - to drive this change we wish to see, we need a compelling story. The goal of this group is to bring together writers who wish to use their creativity to bring about social and political change. To hear the stories and ideas of others in this group; to collaborate around a goal of sharing powerful stories that reform the American government, better our world, and bring us all closer together. Truly unifying. We can further collective consciousness and peace through storytelling, and we welcome your ideas. THE TIME IS NOW.

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