What we're about

This group is design to address the financial concerns that women from all walks of life experience every day and to help us learn what the financial industry does not want us to know. Why are banks and financial institutions telling us one thing and doing something different? Why are knowledgeable "Financial Planners" changing careers or finally understanding how wealth, taxes, fees and money really work. Together we can learn to grow a brighter future for ourselves, our families and our businesses.

Most of us did not take Finance 101 in school and health care is no longer ' healthy care' so we must take control of their finances to make the positive changes necessary to achieve financial security and physical well being.

To be a STEWARD is to be a MANAGER, we are the manager, not the owner of our resources, i.e., money, health and time. Interesting discussions and speakers will give us the knowledge and information we need to become good Stewards of our lives, and appreciate good success.

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