What we're about

Are you a fan of a certain Netflix show; set in 'Hawkins' Indiana (closer to Lafayette than you might realize) -- and would like to hang out with other fans who probably see the world in a similar way that you do?

Are you interested in the supernatural, the paranormal, or things that some people are 'weirded-out' by?

Do you consider yourself a 'Fortean,' an 'X-Phile,' a 'Whovian,' or a 'Zoner?'

Have you ever wondered what's on the 'other side'? Have you ever seen, heard or sensed something from the other side? Have you ever BEEN to the other side?

If you answered 'yes' to ANY of the above -- we need to talk!! Let's get together to share experiences and theories with other people who see the world like 'us' -- not like the 'normies' - who want to pretend that everything's 'just fine' and that there's nothing hiding in the closet or under the bed... (after all - we know better...) ;)

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