Wednesday Spottiswoode Games Session

This is a past event

12 people went

Spottiswoode Hotel

62 Hudsons Rd · Spotswood

How to find us

Take a train to SPOTSWOOD station (20mins Williamstown line) It's the big white hotel on the corner at the Railroad Crossing. We'll be opposite the bar, behind a red curtain in front of the fireplace!

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Another fine Wednesday evening, another great opportunity for gaming!

This weeks session will be called to order for Wednesday, aka Parma Night!
For those of you that haven't been before, we meet a little before 6 with members arriving and detoxing from the work day with a mixture of food and/or beer. Possibly even just a little air or a chat. Traditionally we give it a little time for folks to arrive and eat, but games tend to kick off around 7 so if you're running a little late, have no fear!

Please come on in, introduce yourself, bring a friend or two if you like, some games you want to play if you are so inclined, or simply partake in some friendly banter and see what games are on offer. If you have a game you want to bring but want to test the waters on participants, or looking for particular games to play, simply place a comment in the event feed, you'll normally get a response or two.
We have an arrangement with the pub so there is either a parma and pot or fish n chips with pot for only $15! For the non-meat lovers, there is quite a long list of menu items with options I'm certain will satisfy. But be fore warned! Don't eat too much too early. You can get a LOT of cake for like $7 or $9 here.

For everyone else, as always it's a pleasure gaming with you all and I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Cheers guys

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