Thursday Night Spotswood Games Session

This is a past event

12 people went

Spottiswoode Hotel

62 Hudsons Rd · Spotswood

How to find us

Take a train to SPOTSWOOD station (20min ride from the CBD on the Williamstown line) the Spottiswoode Hotel is the big white Hotel on the corner of the Railroad Crossing. We are across from the bar behind a red curtain, find us there!

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Welcome to your regularly scheduled Thursday night gaming event!

As is always the case on a Thursday, I shall arrive closer to 7.30, but don't be discouraged, there are plenty of friendly people within that will be more than happy to chat and as always, don't hesitate to start gaming prior to my arrival.

No longer do we have to skip weeks and blah, blah, blah, now it's consistent gaming!
At this stage we still run alternating weeks (Wed/Thurs) and may end up settling on one day of the week only (which may become a Tuesday) so please keep an eye on the events but otherwise we game on as usual.

Feel free to grab a beer, one of the $15 dinner deals and find us near the bar. Thursdays should be the quieter day of the two at the venue, so here's hoping we can sneakily take up more room.

We cater to gamers of all levels and from all walks of life, and prioritise the socialisation and enjoyment of the company of others over gaming first and foremost.

What to expect in terms of gaming?
Euros and thematic games, card or board games, sometimes seriousness, often silliness, and a good time throughout. We don't do the classic staple games (Monopoly, Scrabble, etc) or classic card games (Bridge, Poker, etc) nor RPGs, CCGs or LCGS. If you ever aren't sure if you should bring a game or what to play feel free to message or hit up the comments to find players, make requests (we can't promise to fulfil them of course) or just chat.

For those bringing games along, first, thank you, but second, please state which games you're bringing in the Comments section. This is a great way for players to know what to expect and best for those just joining us with no prior gaming history. I know many of us carry games for all experience types, but always good to know what's on hand.

Cheers guys, I'll see you there!

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Deep Sea Adventure
... and I forget. Sorry :(
feel free to add below the other games played in the comments below.