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What brings to you want to meet new peeps? Are You... New To Town? Want to Shift Up Your Social Scene? Relationship Status Change? Job Keep Your From Connecting? Feeling Healthy & Ready For Community? Just want to .... mix it up? Join us at for a fun night of connection! Whatever your reason to crave good people...there is someone else with the same reason too! Carlyn ( LOVES to create a safe and fun space for you to show up and create real connection! Whether someone offers you an idea, invites you on an activity or can support vs sympathy on something you are going through.... it only takes ONE PERSON to change our life! We never know why we meet someone right away..... but when we take the time to talk and share our true selves, we let go of judgement, comparison, the need to fit in and instead... we belong. It's time for YOU to experience Strangers To Friends! Life is meant to be FUN, not feared. Step out of your comfort zone and into real connection! RSVP: * Tired of Small Talk and Crave Real Conversation? * Not into Networking and Talking About Work...After Work? * Self Confidence Hold You Back from New Connection? * Want To Meet People... Who Also Want To Meet People If you said yes...DING DING... join us :) This "Non-Networking" style of authentic connecting is fun and guarantees you'll meet new people. A no judgement allowed zone encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and... turn strangers into friends. 6-6:30- Check-In, Order A Drink/Food, Meet & Mingle. First timer to the group? this is when Carlyn shares her story on how STF began! 7:00 on... Intentional Connecting! MORE THE MERRIER! Bring a friend, invite someone new to town, share with a co-worker. We are about creating connection with good peeps. Invest To Connect ---> $12 in advance, $15 at the door! Ticket Includes: Name Tag (of course!) Open Ended Question to Kick Start Conversation Facilitated Introductions Raffle Ticket for Giveaways! Not sure what to expect? Trust me, no one leaves lonely. Don't know how to meet Strangers? Not to worry. This is not about meeting everyone, but rather connecting with the right people. ***Having overcome many obstacles in life, including Multiple Sclerosis, Death of Friends, Job Losses, Moves Across the Country and even losing her Two Front Teeth, age 36, Carlyn Shaw shares her stories and gives you permission to share yours! She's thrilled to offer an experience for you to play on purpose and use your stories as common denominators, creating real fun, authentic connection... and the journey of friendship.*** We never know why we are meeting someone unless we take the time to get to know someone! Life happens when we are open ourselves up to the possibilities in people. Carlyn looks forward to seeing... and meeting you :) Check out to learn more! Join the FB Group to STAY connected! Listen to Carlyn share in this 5 min video

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    Look around... we live in a world more connected than ever but more disconnected than ever. Let's put down our phones & turn to the people all around us: and say HI! I call it "Lead with YOU... rather than, What do you do?" How we pay our bills will come up in conversation eventually ;) My knowing: It is all connected and we are all connected. Bringing you and others together, with a simple common denominator: we crave more real connection, truly is my passion. As an Experiential Coach and Connector, I get so excited when people give themselves permission to meet other people! I love empowering you let go of any idea that you won't have a good time, you don't deserve a good time and that it won't be a good time! Say yes to having fun & make new friends...just to see where the connection takes you :) We have NO idea why someone shows up in our lives until we say cheers to the conversation and the journey. And yea, making sure to follow up to hang with them again! A variety of monthly, creative STF events will cater to all -- so please share with others, and of course.... I (Carlyn) can't wait to meet you face to face -- in fact, here's a 5 min video I made a year ago when I started this group to introduce myself: Click Here to learn more about Me & My Mission! (

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