What we're about

If you are interested in deep learning and want to learn or share your knowledge, join our community.
I propose to learn by:
- reading scientific papers
- coding
- participating to competitions
- teaching others and mentoring

I hope that we will do this together and build a strong deep learning community in Strasbourg.

Upcoming events (1)

Coding session: train a classifier for classification

Meetup #2 Deep Learning Strasbourg: coding session! For the first coding session with deep learning, bring your laptop and come to La Fabrique, 91 Route des Romains · Strasbourg. Date:[masked], 19hr-21hr. We will train a multi-layer perceptron and a convolutional neural network for handwritten digits classification, the famous MNIST dataset. Just to have a taste of some very popular deep learning frameworks, we will implement the same network architectures (chosen by us) in both Keras and Pytorch. You need to have installed the following software: python (2.7, 3.5 or 3.6), matplotlib, numpy, Keras, TensorFlow, Pytorch, OpenCV. If you have troubles installing them, I'll provide help for the Linux users, but you have to come 30 min earlier!

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Get to know each other / Faisons connaissance

Le Galopin

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