Data analytics for organizational management

The Hague Tech

Juliana van Stolberglaan 10 · Den Haag

How to find us

The Hague Tech (THT) community office building, 5min. walk from Central Station. At the door, find Eastsource and call to have the door opened. Here's a short video on how to find us:

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Together with our friends from Concentra ( we are hosting a full day workshop on Data analytics for organizational management.

Morning: 9:30am - 12:30pm
OrgVue system for consultants & OD specialists: teaching on
- Creating a single organizational dataset from multiple sources
- Quick wins from analytics
- Organizational modeling (1): simple sticks and boxes
- Organizational modeling (2): modeling the work
- Organizational modeling (3): skills & competencies

Lunch with snacks at 12:30.

Afternoon: 1-4pm
Automation, Robotisation & AI (ARAI): Preparing for the Organisational impact of Change
Facilitated workshop to discuss
- What kinds of change in work can be expected from ARAI?
- How do people react to change in work?
- What commitments does the organization make to the People?
- What methods help to deliver the change quickly without causing harm?

In addition to Concentra, we'll host a workshop by Bram van Hasselt on Organisation readiness in the era of Automation, Robotisation & AI (ARAI).
ARAI will have a big impact on society, citizens, products and services. Citizens will be differently connected to their own lives, their peers and their city. Transformation of how products and services are ordered, integrated and consumed will take place. Profit and non-profit organization will need new kinds of technology and capacities to deliver these services. How to be ready as an organization for this change? How to build up new ways to deliver to customers? How to use your workforce to imagine the new possibilities and to begin (un)learning a new, much-needed capability?

Organizations need to start building up their internal ARAI systems today to be ready. Bram van Hasselt is a radical organizational thinker, interested in how innovations can improve the adaptiveness of organizations. He sees a central role in the coming era for working side-by-side with “intelligent buddies”. Bram is a positive technologist seeking value-based societies and an ethical role for machines. With his background in consulting (Accenture, Wunderpeople), management (Rabobank) and Design Thinking (Ping Pong Design, Waterzee) Bram advises companies, NGO’s and governments in innovation strategy, ARAI transformations, organizational adaptiveness, program management, and road mapping. He is a co-founder of Legal Design Thinking Network (and member of AI lab at The Hague Tech).

Workshop co-organized with Ai Lab meetup (