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Wy do we exist?

We are constrained by cultures, behaviours, mindsets and structures that were developed when doing the same things better every day was enough to be successful. Now it is not even good enough for bare survival. In a time where change has become relentless and its pace is ever increasing, we have lost our ability to adapt to change effectively.

Most strategies and transformations fail because they don’t address how we behave, manage and organise ourselves, our teams and our organisations. Business agility is the outcome of a focused transformation that addresses these factors in lock step with our business, operating and delivery models.

What is this meetup about?

This meetup is a hub for practising, experimenting, sharing knowledge and educating on behaviours, structures and practices that allow us to get better at designing and executing strategies in complex environments. We focus on the human factors and the management structures that separate the leaders from the laggards in governments and industries.

How will we facilitate our community?

Meetup sessions will be interactive and aim for accelerating your learning on the meetup topic. The series of meetups will form a mini-MBA in business strategy and transformation and will exist of a combination of workshops, presentations, accelerator rooms, brainstorms and business cases. As member of the meetup you are asked to contribute to the above and be a valuable member of this ecosystem. As of April 2020 we run online sessions to engage out community of practice.

Why should you participate?

If you want to learn more about strategy design and execution and want to make a difference in your organisation, then this group is for you. With a purpose of improving our workplaces so that people feel they belong, commit and thrive both individually and collectively. Feel the power of flow and commitment when they work together achieving goals that were unimaginable, that we can all build legacy.

Expert communities will only be valuable when their members are willing to share. We encourage you to step up and provide a business case, challenge others, share methods and canvasses that you have used, give presentations etcetera. This is your chance to accelerate your learning and also to become known as a Subject Matter Expert on certain topics. This meet-up can give you a valuable network and opportunities for future work and assignments.

When will we meet?

We will meet regularly to cultivate a community that will help bring about new ways of working. We intend to have variety in venues, start times and speakers, and will share on a case by case basis.

Please contact the moderators if you like to offer your company’s venue for a meet-up or like to contribute or take the lead for a certain meet-up.

Which topics will we address?

We have listed our focus topics below and will address one topic per meeting. You are most welcome to reach out to request other topics, making a short presentation (to get discussion starting), or host a session (note: no sales presentations).

Some of the questions we would like to answer in this meetup are:

Developing a strategy

• What are the best practices in developing a successful strategy?

• What are the effects of the digital world on a company’s business model?

• How do I build effective Strategy Teams?

• How can I involve many stakeholders in designing our strategy?

• How do I use Design Thinking and collaborative, inclusive strategy design?

• How do I develop governance models that drive clarity and ownership in strategy design and execution?

• How can we develop a better business model for the future?

• How to build a renewed customer engagement strategy in the new age of digitalisation and ecosystems.

Execution of a strategy

• What are the best canvases and practices to develop a realistic Transformation Roadmap?

• Which human factors contribute most to our ability to execute strategy?

• How can we nail the human factors of strategy execution? (topics can include: Capability Uplift, Cultural Change, Emotional Intelligence, Soft Skills, Getting Things Done, Diversity, Psychological Safety, Interactive Management, Iterative Design, Visual Collaboration Tools, Value Congruence, Influencing, Empathy, Listening, Dealing with Conflict, Building Trust, Decision Making (Cognitive Bias, Group Think, Inclusiveness), Organisational Resilience.

• How can we use reference architectures to align stakeholder interests with strategic goals?

• How do I use Enterprise Architecture to align strategy design and execution?

• How do I clarify and communicate the strategy in a way that will achieve highly engaged employees?

• How do we use various types of Outcomes mapping to communicate strategic change?

• How can we use Scenario Planning to better manage risk?

• How can Value Disciplines improve our focus?

Transforming an operational model

• Which components constitute an operating model and what does it take to make them agile?

• Which organisation, management and governance structures deal best with change?

• How can Value Stream Mapping support agile transformation?

• How can Capability Modelling support agile transformation?

• What skills and behaviours are most important in an agile organisation?

Complex Problem Solving

• How do I use Systems Thinking and sensitivity modelling to solve complex problems?

• How do I use Human Centred Design to build solutions that really work?

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