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This group is for all who are on or starting their Spiritual journey, and have the desire to embrace and love all they have been created to be. If you want to learn and/or experience: PUURE LLOVE Divine Feminine Energy Healing sessions and classes, Spiritual Intuitive Readings, Connecting with Crossed Over Loved Ones, Strengthening your Intuition, Reiki Energy Healing sessions and classes, Guided Meditations, Manifesting Your Dreams, Reiki Shares, Law Of Attraction Workshops, Magnet Therapy Jewelry, Intuitive Psychic Readings, Cellular Memory Healing Sessions, Angel Messages, Enrichment Workshops, Spiritual Growth and more, then this group is for you. WARNING: Joining this group may cause a desire to discover inner happiness, grow spiritually, love yourself and manifest your hearts desires!

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Cleanse & Balance Your Energy Frequency!

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It is time to release all that no longer serves you. It is time to cleanse & balance your Energy Centers (chakras). I will be utilizing PUURE LLOVE (Devine Feminine Energy Healing), Reiki Energy Healing, sound bowl vibrational healing, tuning forks, crystals, Essential Oils, and calling in Universal Ascended Masters and Loving Light Beings to guide and assist me. Don’t miss an evening filled with effervescent healing energy. Exchange: $20.00 (cash)

Reiki I Certification Class (Save $20.00)

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Learn level 1 Reiki with Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Jane Russo. The class includes your materials, atunement, official certificate, and hands on learning. After being attuned to the Reiki 1 energy you will be certified to perform Reiki on yourself, others, and your pets. Materials need to be picked up ahead of time for you to read and write down questions. Then you will come to class with a better understanding of Reiki, and it gives us more hands on Reiki time. A $50.00 deposit is required when you get your materials (I prefer cash). There will be others present during class to practice on. Cost is $170. - $20. discount = $150. If you have a desire to learn Reiki, and this date doesn't work for you, let me know and I will work around your schedule.

Expanding Your Intuition

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Using your natural intuitive ability, is your greatest asset in navigating your days, your relationships and your life. In this class you will learn how to reconnect with your Divine Essence and trust your intuition. Come dIscover your gifts, sixth sense, soul connection... YOUR MAGIC! Cost:$20.00

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Nourish Your Spirit, Mind & Body

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