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This is a group for women into healing, empowerment and transformation of consciousness. It is for women who enjoy the company and support of other awakening women.

For thousands of years, women's physical and spiritual well-being has been linked to the cycles of the moon. During the new moon time women's energy is at it's lowest, making it the ideal time for contemplation and rest. And during the full moon time our creative potential and energy are said to be at their fullest. The new moon has traditionally been a time for introspection and reflection, for beginnng new projects: the full moon is more a time for celebration of our abundance, successes, and the fullness of feminine spirit.

In this meet-up, we will gather around the times of the full and new moon nights, for sharing, meditation, sacred chanting, self-exploration,and sometimes healthy vegetarian suppers together. We will gather for special meditations, breathing practices and to set clear intentions for our personal and professional lives. We will explore the lifestyle and Yoga recommendations and practices prescribed by Ayurveda for both the new and full moons to bring ourselves into greater harmony with the lunar cycles.

Bring your joys and your love to these gatherings and share them, bring also your burdens and your worries and be relieved of them in specific practices on these special evenings. I hope you can join us for heartful, inspiring gatherings, and enriching connection with other women and the divine feminine.

Jagadambe Mata Ki jai, Salutations to the Divine Mother (of the world),

Om Shanti, Om peace


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ANew Moon Gathering April

YHA Stratford upon Avon

Spring Equinox Yoga Weekend


February New Moon Gathering

3 Carters Lane

New Years Morn: Opening to Fresh Beginings

Walton Hall Leisure Centre

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