What we're about

A Belgium based Meetup on Stream Processing and Real-Time.

Checkout out Slack channel on techbelgium https://techbelgium.slack.com/messages/streamprocessing to see relevant conversations on this topic (go to http://slackin.techbelgium.io/ to join the techbelgium team).

Looking at:

• Kafka + Samza

• Google Cloud dataFlow

• AWS Kinesis

• Azure Stream Analytics

• Apache Flink

• Apache Storm

• Akka Streams

• Spark Streaming

• Flume

• AMQP (e.g. RabbitMQ)

• Complex Event Processing (CEP)

• Event Sourcing and CQRS (e.g. AxonFramework)

Good introductions can be found at:




Join this group to meet peers and to hear about and play hands-on with the different technologies.

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