What we're about

We are an established, UK-based photographer training business which specialises in travel & street photography courses and workshops. On our full-day ‘Masterclass’ workshop you will learn the art and the essential techniques of street photography – whether in London, other major UK cities or in European cities such as Venice, Lisbon, Paris, Rome or Prague.

Our workshops concentrate on ‘getting the picture’. We don’t get too bogged down with technicalities (though we do cover the essential basics such as camera settings, focusing, exposure, etc); we prefer to make the most of our time together by focusing on five key areas:

Building your confidence as a street photographer, conquering your fear of shooting on the streetsDeveloping your powers of observation so that you ‘see’ the opportunityHelping you understand the principles of light and composition in travel or street photographyCoaching you in the essential shooting techniques to ensure that you capture ‘the moment’Enabling you to take stylish and meaningful images which go beyond the often-seen ‘stranger in a street’ picture

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