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Hello everyone!

I am very glad that you are interested in street photography and have found this platform.

Street Photography Group is created to support emerging photographers from the Netherlands and all corners of the world.

This meet-up group is part of art platform Raw streetphoto gallery, Rotterdam http://www.rawstreetphotogallery.com/

Art platform is dedicated to help the undiscovered and emerging artists to exhibit their works and share ideas with you. Raw street photo gallery gives the necessary gallery space for artists and take all the financial resources to prepare and support exhibitions.

I would like to invite You to join the Meet-up and participate in the street photography group, take part in the development of the art platform for emerging artists, participating exhibitions, photo sessions, vernissages and much more!

Enjoy the group and many thanks in advance!


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Travel photography workshop
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Raw streetphoto gallery

Hello everyone!! Based on the great success of the previous workshop and popular demand, we invited photographer Hani Alers to host another photography workshop. Like last time, the workshop will be aimed at both photographers with smartphone cameras and advanced DSLRs, so everyone can learn how to take nice travel pictures. Hani will teach us to take better pictures when we are on holiday visiting a new city. We will meet at the gallery in the heart of Rotterdam. Hani will give a 45 minutes talk about travel photography. Then he will take us in tour of the city where we can act like tourist He will also give hands on advice about taking pictures. After an hour we will go back to the gallery to see how to post-process our photos. We will also look at the photos we have taken and Hani will give feedback and advice. Join us to learn about photography, enjoy the modern landscape of Rotterdam, and take advantage of the beautiful Dutch autumn. Hani Ers (https://www.facebook.com/haniers)

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Rotterdam Photo Festival, RAW exhibition


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