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We create short films with most filming based in Toronto, though members may be international (e.g., contributing as composers, editors or filming locally for them). Members include established filmmakers and those passionate to develop in their chosen skill. The concept is to make films on low to no budgets with proceeds benefiting charities or causes.

For new projects:

• Projects are posted on the Street Relief Film Co-op meet-up page and sent to your email

• Interested in starting a project - or have a cast or crew need? Visit: https://www.meetup.com/Street-Relief-Film-Co-op/events/255277528/ Anyone can start a project. People will be contacting you with interest, whether you are a writer, producer, director, or other specialty.

Who else should join? Actors, Editors, Producers, Film Composers, Sound Engineers, Sound Recordists, Associate Producers, Assistant Directors, Make-up/Costumes, Script Supervisors, Camera Assistants, Gaffers, Production Coordinators, Stills Photographers, Caterers (or food donation agents), Production Assistants and all others willing to contribute their time and talents. The growing membership in the co-op is a credit to the generosity of filmmakers and theater professionals in response to a time that demands new ideas and diverse voices. We welcome your participation.

Thank you.

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Start a project, Post/Seek scripts or Call for Crew

Needs a location

Street Relief Film Co-op welcomes any member to start a project. Here's info on how you can start a project or seek interest in your potential project.
Please note: this is a standing meetup with info and it is not an actual invite to meet. The meetup site doesn't allow for a permanent post to be up but requires a deadline to be given.

Check out sample templates below to see how you can seek a director or producer, seek specific crew, or some other production need.

Types of projects
Short films, web series, extremely low-budget features, a proof of concept short film for your feature, etc. There are no limitations on the type or length of project. Bear in mind that projects should be low to no budget. Each project will be posted for 2 months and interested people will contact you directly. Read below for more details and how-to’s.

**For any of the template samples, click on the link and then choose "Open" from the top toolbar if you want to open it as a Word doc.

For writers:
Sample templates if you want to post info about a script for which you'd like to interest a director and/or producer

For directors or producers (or actors or other crew members who wish to take on a co-producer or associate producer role to get a project going), these are sample templates for posting different needs:



Create your own project description in a word doc or email, mimicking one of the above templates. Be engaging, tell a little about yourself, get people excited in your idea. Include your email and repeat it again but spelling it so you are putting “at” instead of @. The meetup site can sometimes hide email addresses in meetup posts. Keep the text re: the meetup's meeting date is just a deadline and not an actual meeting date. Email your posting with a fun photo of you (has to be landscape shape for the meetup template). Email all this to the meet-up's 2 amazing organizers: Erin and Andy. They will let you know if they have any questions before posting it.

Erin: [masked] (erinbetkelly at gmail dot com)
Andy: [masked] (andyfilm24 at gmail dot com)

Please consider crediting the Organizer who supported the casting and/or crewing of your short film as Executive Producer or Associate Producer in your credits and on imdb.
Erin Kelly (pick "Erin Kelly (XL)"): https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7653856/
Andrew M.A. Spear: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7418981/?ref_=pro_nm_visitcons

Co-op members are eager to participate and will reply to your post.


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