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Sustainable food, sustainable diets, sustainable planet is all about joining together to tackle the effects of climate change, rising CO2, and working towards providing a better food system for all.

This means sourcing more locally produced, organic food that is good for people and planet, but that also is delicious and affordable.

Our high streets and city centres are awash with junk food chains and fried chicken shops, most of which use factory-farmed, processed food that is out of season and has traveled thousands of miles. This creates food waste, which contributes to greenhouse gasses. It also means that food is picked before its ripe, and has less nutrients. Plus, it also means that food is wrapped in plastic, which is not good for our environment.

By relying on a more local food source, the local food system we have improves, we use less plastic packaging, we create less CO2 from trucks and planes, and we throw less food away.

By empowering independent passionate chefs who know how to convert local food into delicious cuisine, and who operate their own StreetCube kitchen (a 10ft professional street kitchen) we can bring people together to celebrate our local regional foods, and everyone can enjoy eating the fruits of our amazing country.

Good Food Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth, which is why StreetCube creates amazing sustainable Street Gastronomy from between just £5 ~ £10 a dish.

Join us on this special day On June 18th to celebrate sustainable Street Gastronomy at SouthSide Piazza, Wandsworth High Street, Wandsworth - where our two StreetCube kitchens will be serving up the best in sustainable Street Gastronomy.

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