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So you now live in NYC. Have you ever seen a people smackin' a blue rubber ball against a wall nonsensically, chasing after it, (questionably) betting money, occasionally sharing fightin' words, people looking super New York-ish or any of these wondered just what the fudge they're doing?

Ladies & gents, welcome to NYC HANDBALL!

This will be a meetup for those (BOTH guys & girls) that have either:

Seen it and have no idea what its about
Seen it and wanted to try it out
Looking for a totally new sport to try out
Used to play handball and want to get back in on it
Want to learn about NYC street sport culture!
Want to Learn about a whole new underground secret NYC world that's in plain sight but no one realizes other than for the initiated??

Then join us!

I'm a handball player that just recently moved back to NYC and want to introduce others to the sport cause its super fun and awesome for a workout. I'll be playing occasionally and practicing once in a while. Anyone's welcome to join in!

See ya on the courts!
Frankie G


1. When joining add a clear PHOTO of yourself as the member profile pic!

2. Good sportsmanship and court etiquette among players! Anyone that it offensive or not contributing positively to the group will be removed!

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