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    Ciao a tutti! This group is for seekers who are looking to enhance their spiritual lives with discussions and information drawn from ancient and modern Paganism on the Italian Peninsula. This is a place for sharing (rituals, recipes, spells, prayers, family traditions, art work, inspirational stories …), asking questions, and discussing issues. This group is also a way for Pagan Italo-philes to meet and build community. I ask only that the focus of the conversation be Italy. There are other groups dedicated to Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism. Above all things this is a place to show love and respect for others ... other paths, people, and perspectives. As Italy's history is one of cultural diversity, there was never one right way to anything. Keeping that in mind, we need to recognize the diversity of those who share our love of Italy and its Pagan past. So if Nonna used to have saints on her altar, it is fine to talk about that here. One needs to remember that one way Pagan traditions survived was by disguising it as Catholicism. It is a legitimate part of our Italian heritage. I know this was the case for my family… I will be posting links to other groups, websites, articles on Stregheria, Stregoneria, Traditional Italian Witchcraft, ancient mythology (Etruscan, Greek, Roman, and Lombard), Folk Traditions of Italian-American immigrants, Paganism as it exists today in modern Italy. Some of the links will be in English and others in Italian (I will write a quick translation in English). I will be posting summaries of books I have read on Witchcraft. These will cover books written in Italian and in English. For books that are available here, in the USA, I encourage discussions based on these books or any others that you might be reading. The point of this group is to keep the conversation focused on Italian Paganism, as practiced there and as practiced abroad by those who are drawn to its rich history. This is a place to forge new friendships and stretch the mind a bit ... both good things! Simply put ... anger and harmful words will not be tolerated. Note: After we gain members, we will probably have a few events, so start thinking of some fun activities. This group is based in Pittsburgh, but that does not mean that all activities need to be in Allegheny County... I see little sub-groups forming in various places in W. PA and these can use this site as a way to communicate with news and events...

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