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Are you an athlete ? Do you like competing for fun and to test yourself? Do you like to push past plateaus and experience breakthroughs?

Have you seen videos of people engaging in strongman activities and were curious about what some of the equipment they were using and would like to try some of them out? Awesome, well here is your chance.

I am interested in constant improvement and developing lifelong friendships so that we can grow and inspire each other. Learn from each other and establish working relationships that transcend the reasons you may have clicked on this button.

• Do you identify with the word, Athlete? have you competed or would like to? need some inspiration or guidance? Want to share with others what you have learned competing in the arena?

• Everybody is welcome, regardless of your background, just please be passionate about fitness and entrepreneurship. Anybody that wants a competitive edge and can learn through cooperation and collaboration.

• I would like to get a small group of dedicated and committed people and have "breakthrough days" 1,000 burpees, ice bath challenges, and sprint until you puke, (first few ideas) where we push waaaayyyyy past our normal physical breaking points, to get unstuck, motivated and to refocus on whats important in our lives and affirming our true power and potential.

Are you a builder?

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I f****** love Burpees!

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