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Got stress? Always tired? Feel like it’s an uphill battle to fulfill your responsibilities from the moment you wake up till the moment you go the sleep? Looking for more than relaxation tips?

Well you’re not alone. Welcome to Stress Busters of Baltimore! We’re a new group dedicated to improving the quality of life for folks who struggle to find balance in this fast-paced post-modern world we live in now. We choose to avoid a vicious cycle of pushing too hard, which leads to stress-related health issues, which, in turn, impedes progress toward those very goals that motivate us to work harder in the first place.

Once a month, we’ll discuss how nutrition, exercise, school/career, the environment, stressful events, seasonality, finances, personalities, perceptions, relationships, spirituality and other factors impact our stress, overall health and ability to achieve our goals. Reputable subject matter experts will present REAL solutions for dealing with chronic & acute stress.

We’re a welcoming and supportive group. You won’t want miss this unique opportunity to finally address your stress head on! You’ll leave feeling more motivated, more in control and confident that you’re on the best path to success!

Wishing you good health & success.

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