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What we're about

This group is perfect for:
-anyone looking to unwind from the daily stresses of life
-anyone wanting to open up a frozen shoulder, locked up hips...a stiff neck
-anyone wanting a deeper understanding of their emotions and behaviors
-anyone wanting to process old emotional baggage holding them back in life
-anyone who just likes a good stretch

In this group we use stretching to help us tap into our emotional body and allow unprocessed (unfelt) emotions to flow through us fully.

Just like we have the nervous system...the circulatory system...the lymphatic system running all throughout our bodies, we also have the emotional body, an energetic overlay that holds all of our unprocessed emotions.

These stored emotions can be anything from little stresses that accumulated throughout the day, to the abandonment we felt in our last breakup, to old emotional trauma from childhood. It's allllll in there.

When healers say "you have an energetic blockage" this is what they are referring to. As feelings of hate, fear, shame etc. build up in any given area of our body, they will effect the physical tissues around it. Our cells need pure life-force energy to thrive...when that energy is mixed in with darker denser frequencies, it's the same as drinking contaminated water. Our cells will become less efficient and be unable to function properly.

Join us for a relaxing, cathartic, or enlightening session of stretching!

You choose : )

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