• Free Dance Lesson - The Ideal Way To Learn Modern Partner Dancing in 2019

    Hi. Over the last few weeks, there have been multiple conversations with individuals keen to try Ceroc but for whom the recently-commenced Beginners Group was not convenient. As a result, we have decided to offer a new free "taster" lesson in order to help people decide their next move (sic). So, yes, the opportunity to learn how to partner dance properly in a very short period of time and acquire a key social skill is available once more. And - have a lot of fun and healthy exercise in the process. And - meet interesting and like-minded people. And - have something enjoyable and pleasurable to do at the weekend. So, join us for a free sample dance lesson in JLT on Friday afternoon, Feb 22, and discover the power of Ceroc partner dancing to take your social life to another level (and who knows where thereafter ;-) ) Dominick Notes 1. You do not need to come to with a partner. 2. We have a limited number of places in the dance studio available so please confirm on meetup quickly to ensure you secure a place.

  • Freestyle Dancing Night Out


    Oh and didn't we just have a fantabuloso Friday? Our February "flinging" is now in full flight. Follow us on down to our favourite floor-space for a night of fabulous, foot-stepping freestyle. PS If you are unable to dance Ceroc at present, then this free-to-attend night is not for you. For lesson details email [masked] .