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Hi there! Welcome to the Meetup page for Strong Towns Westchester. If you’re not familiar with Strong Towns, they’re a really cool organization that’s trying to show North American cities why our dominant model of development is making too many of our towns go broke, and supports a radically different vision for how to build our world. You can learn more about them at www.StrongTowns.org. This group will discuss the ins and outs of the Strong Towns vision, what that approach might mean specifically for Westchester County, and identify what we can accomplish together to make it real. No prior experience reading Strong Towns is necessary; all that’s required is an open mind and a readiness to talk about what you’re most passionate about in our community. Please join the group and the discussion!

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Strong Towns meetup

Brazen Fox

Hello all - this is a new group dedicated to making White Plains and our surrounding communities stronger for all. We'll be oriented around Strong Towns (strongtowns.org) and their focus on financially sustainable, development, positive incremental change, and healthy communities. Whether you are new to Strong Towns or a long time reader, please come and join the conversation. Let's figure out what we're capable of, together, and what we can do for the place/s we call home!

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Strong Towns meet-up @ the City Limits Diner

City Limits Diner

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