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Stronger Than Stigma is the support system you've been looking for. Come meet people who 'get it' and who are out to change the world's perception of mental health and the discussions about it. Whether you, yourself are struggling or you love someone who does, Stronger Than Stigma is the community for you.

From our stand-up comedy shows to our university student chapters, we create the space to do real work that changes the conversation on mental health with lasting impacts. We Are Change Agents on the front lines of our society’s understanding of mental health and its impacts on the community starting with YOU.

Our goal as a nonprofit is to remove the stigma from the conversation that happens when perception and reality collide and nobody says what is really on their mind. Mental health is hard enough to deal with on your own - today's society makes it all the more difficult; from dynamics at home, at school, and in the workplace - are we really saying the things that need to be said? What’s on your mind?

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It's The Nobody's Happy Comedy Tour - Jacksonville

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