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Awareness Awakening...with Prem, John and Shanti
Awareness Awakening...with Prem Shakti, John Pellicci and Shanti Entering into Sacred Space Deep exploration into our Open Spacious Luminous Being *** Below are a few things to consider as we head toward the weekend and a mini retreat on the 17th Contemplations 1. Impermanence in all experience. 2. Looking for personhood, or a persona, can a single continuous person be found? 3. Interconnectedness with all that is. Interbeing "being in touch with" and "continuing" "realizing" and "making it here and now." Non Meditation and Non Distraction: View Mingyur Rinpoche Non distracted Non fabricated Non Meditation Without any fabrication or effort Discovering Space Our natural state of Being Open Spacious Luminously Knowing Just This As It Is from Padmasambhava: Pointed out directly as follows: Once a past thought has dissolved without trace, In the freshness of mind before a future thought rises. While remaining naturally without fabrication in the present, If that ordinary state of consciousness turns and looks directly into itself, There is clarity, in which nothing is seen through looking, A direct form of awareness, naked and alert. Unmade in any way, it is open and clear. Its clarity and emptiness indivisible, it is lucid and awake. It is not everlasting, for it is entirely uncreated. Nor is it a void, for it is penetrating clarity. It is not one, because it is aware of and cognizes the manifold. Nor is it multiple, for it embraces all in indivisible experience. And it is not found elsewhere, for it is one’s very own awareness. At least 10 min per day Meditation can be done in separate increments (i.e. 1min, 3min or all 10 at once) Note* at The Childrens Center Please enter the room in silence as if our space has transformed into a sacred space of awakening. Leavening our shoes by the inside doorway and quietly finding our place around the table. Bring what you may need to be comfortable, layers for cold air-conditioning. Perhaps a snack, we will have a short break 1/2 way through... That's about it. Ishq, Shanti 1/3 of the I3's May all beings be well, free, happy and awake! If you have any questions, answers and or clarity,

Children's Services Council of Martin County

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For all those who are interested in exploring Consciousness, Spirituality, and Awakening beyond a sense of a separate self in a safe and Unconditional Loving space. We explore many flavors of the Universal teachings based in Unconditional Love & Understanding the Unity of All that Is. With practical applications for daily life found in practicing meditations and various spiritual disciplines from tried and proven methods, always with a focus on the direct path of aware presence in the here and now.
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