SEAM #6 - Inclusion and Diversity


SEAM #6 - Inclusion and Diversity

Recently I was asked by a colleague to be the photographer at the re-launch of the Barclays Black Professionals Forum. A slightly odd choice given I have Parkinson's Disease and not the most steadiest of cameramen these days but I was happy to help out and do my best.

It was a privilege to be part of it and hear so many great people speak and later discuss their own perspectives and viewpoints.

As I was listening and shooting I was reflecting on my own attitude to diversity across the board and realised I hadn't consciously thought about it.

One of my roles in recent years was a Dev Manager for a fairly large team. I hired everyone on merit which just so happened to include men, women, different ethnic backgrounds and all ages. I had a largely diverse team but maybe more by luck than judgement.

Then I thought about my SEAM community, my meetups and conferences and realised I hadn't got so lucky - I felt bad because it dawned on me that building a community of passionate people like yourselves comes with some level of responsibility to represent the diversity of the community accordingly.

So this meetup is a commitment from me that from now on I will be consciously thinking about it and trying to improve my awareness and understanding - For which I will no doubt need some help and feedback from time to time.

It is not a token gesture.

So with that all said here's the Agenda:

Ken Osivwenu/Kelechi Onukogu

(Co-chairs of Barclays Black Professional Forum)

Ken and Kelechi will begin by talking about their roles in Barclays and how they are helping the organisation achieve it's goals.

They will then go on to talk about the BBPF - What it is, why it's important and how it works.

Jasmine Dhiman

(Managing Director in Financial Services Technology Consulting, Accenture)

Jasmine will again discuss her role at Accenture in an Enterprise Agility context and then talk about her career experiences, reflecting on any gender/ethnic bias and how she helps Accenture be a more inclusive organisation.

Open Forum

This is the chance for the audience to ask questions, talk about their experiences and voice their opinions.

Lastly, the generous folk at Pivotal have also agreed to get the amazing Voodoo Ray pizzas in as well as a few drinks.

I hope you can make it!


SEAM is a new London based monthly meet-up focussing on Enterprise Agility, new ways of working which enable enterprises to offer value and opportunity to their customers.
Naturally there is a significant focus on technology although it is in the context of the purpose of the enterprise – what organisations are attempting to achieve as well as how to go about it.
Each meet up will be different and will use combinations of the following to provide the aforementioned insights:
Customer/Business/Technology case studies from organisations leading the way or trying something different
• Presentations and/or demos from thought leaders
• Community participation where everyone has the opportunity to discuss their opinions on relevant subject matter
• Guest speakers from different walks of life who can add alternative perspectives on achievement of one form or another

Whilst not an exhaustive list, the type of topics we’ll be covering include:
• Enterprise objectives, realisation and the management there of
• Innovation
• Lean processing
• Agile delivery
• User/Customer Experience
• DevOps
• Cloud
• Security
• Sustainability

The target SEAM community is a diverse group of people who are interested in all or some of the above. Our aim is to bring people together from all backgrounds including customers, senior management, technologists, business operations and so on.