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This is a group to get out of the house, make new friends, and try new things. This group is perfect for you if you have just moved to Long Beach or the surrounding areas. This is also a great group for you if your friends are lame and don't want to try something new. Life is too long to be boring. #CarpeYolo

Don't be shy, have a try and send us your ideas for new events. Long Beach is an awesome city, and this group is to share and embrace that LBC love with events in the surrounding area that you may not have heard about.

Also, if you have an idea for an event that you haven't seen in the area that you've seen in another city let us know (snail race anyone?)


Ian, Joel, Ross and Event Coordinators

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(Free Event) Laugh Factory's Rainbow Pop xmas EXTRAVAGANZA 25 Comp TIX!

PLEASE find Aidan Park or Samantha Hale in the front of the club to check and he will organize to make sure we are sat together in groups so we can all meet new people!! It is an LGBT Themed comedy show hosted by a fabulous drag queen! The show starts at 7:45 but if you show up at 7 you will be escorted to the VIP section where we can be sat together! Also we have sponsors for free gifts and raffles! This should really be fun :-) Host: Ethylina Canne Deven Bouchet Sherry Cola Nicky Paris Lisa Gopman Aidan Park Sam hale Matt legrande There is a two drink minimum once you get in the club but the tickets are totally free for people to RSVP. Be sure to arrive by 7:30 because once it is 7:45 they will not honor the free guest list!!! Thank you so much!!!

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