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The aim is to bring people of Life Sciences (e.g. Biology, Medical Studies) and Computer Science / Software Engineering together. The group is open to anyone who is interested in Bioinformatics and/or Computational Biology and related topics. We welcome both academic and private sector participants who wish to share knowledge, discuss ideas, and find solutions to different challenges together.

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Big Data in Biology & Medicine

Gerhardt Informatik

The invitation for the event is open to everyone who is interested. We have limited room available, thus we have to limit the number of attendees to 15. Please use the RSVP if you wish to join us! Attendance is free of charge, and we will have snacks, drinks :) Big Data in Biology & Medicine Big Data is everywhere you look, and is a hot topic these days. Everybody talks about IoT, user data, customer experience, log crunching, etc., etc. However, you don't hear much about medical data, biology and alike. We would like to give a quick tour into the world of medical and biological data from the Big Data aspect. We will look at it from both the Computer Science and Biology / Medical side. The talk is held by the host (Dr. Nandor Poka) and is intended for members of both the computer world and life / medical sciences .

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General foundation meeting

Gerhardt Informatik

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