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Dear Community,

We are happy to announce our next meetup with the topic Machine Learning in production.
Our first speaker is Alex Tselikov, who works as a lead data scientist for KI labs in Munich where he is responsible for building machine learning and data engineering products. Before that, he had been a senior data scientist at Veon (one of the biggest telco in Russia with 50 mln subscribers) focusing on applying AI algorithms for credit scoring, customer churn analysis, fintech, chat-bots with neural networks and natural language processing. He had also been responsible for building and deploying large-scale machine learning pipelines into production environments. He holds his Ph.D. in data analysis from MSIU (Russia) and a kaggle expert rank.

Alex will talk about ML pipelines quality assurance in production
This talk discusses questions such as: How not to fail with your 99%-accuracy model in production? Which metrics should be checked and when? How do you control live predictions? What to do if your model accuracy is degrading? Using some live examples, we will cover main quality assurance steps that can be applied alongside model development and deployment, and we present the practices of unit testing and results monitoring for production.

Position of the second speaker is still open. Are you an expert in this topic or maybe have some interesting use case to share? Don't hesitate to contact us!

7:00 pm doors open
7:00-7:20 networking
7:20-9:00 talks and networking

Looking forward to seeing you on April 11!

Stuttgart AI Team

The WHY / Our Mission:

[Artificial intelligence is all about technology, what we do is all about people]

> We want to demystify AI - we collect real case studies from people who really apply AI

> We want global influencers to share their experience, so the rest can learn from the best

> We want to enable more people to apply artificial intelligence

The WHAT / Our Values:
NO EGO: No politics. No discrimination. Let’s be helpful to our international peers and collaborate to help achieve our common goals. We’re all in this TOGETHER.GIVE BACK: We want everyone who ‘made it’ step up and share their valuable knowledge with the rest of the world. It’s your responsibility to send the elevator back!REPRESENT: You represent your city, our values and in many ways function as a gatekeeper. Place your city on the map and show the world the experts, the knowledge and the growing AI talent you have at home!