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In todays society men and women are challenged more then ever with their image and self confidence. We live in a very busy, overwhelming time and many struggle with tasks such as how to dress for work, what is appropriate for a date, how to apply make up and so on. As an apparel and confidence Maven, I see it all too often how intimated women and men are around such topics. Often, men and women feel stuck or feel so low with their confidence they really don't know where to begin. Maybe they have just landed their first job, maybe they just signed their divorce agreement. Or, maybe they just had their first child and they are stumped how to dress their current body. Regardless, where we are in our lives, we are always transitioning in and out of different phases. I am a firm believer that we all deserve to feel our best. Regardless of our age and size, we can feel beautiful, sexy and attractive. Sometimes, we just need some support and direction. I personally know first hand how it feels to feel less than or stuck. And I know how intimidating it can be to seek help. Goodness, some of us don't really know that we could use help. However, when we really pause and ask ourselves if we like our bodies and feel confident, often most say no. And if we don't like ourselves then this really effects many areas of our lives. I want to extend a hand and welcome men and women into my community that is positive, realistic, fun and exciting! I want the individuals in need to feel like they have a safe place to turn to increase their skill set and confidence. We will have a variety of events coming from make up classes, to style workshops and more!

* Please note that the events offered here are also offered to others in the community that are not part of meet up. Therefore, the head counts for each event are more then what is shown.

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